We are excited to announce that the all-new Plenty Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel is now available for purchase in North America, South America…and everywhere else!

After the initial EU release of the PLENTY in December, 2011 we’ve been chomping at the bit to get this powerful new device into our customers’ hands.

We even went so far as to buy EU 220v versions and a power inverter, so we could bring you our first impression straight out of the gate.

Now that we’ve had our hands on the PLENTY for a while, it’s safe to say that this is one vaporizer that has a special place in our hearts. The key to the Plenty’s success is in the potent heat created by the helix heat exchanger. It heats up much faster than the Volcano, and it maintains accurate temperature even while the user draws vapor from the whip.
It has the quality standards we have come to expect from S&B, and it is now ON SALE in the 110v format. Check out the European TUV certification, so you know it’s rugged, durable and safe.
Don’t miss out on the chance to be the first to get your hands on this durable and powerful PLENTY vaporizerfrom the creators of the Volcano Vaporization system!

Plenty of Vaporization power

Durable construction, useful features. This vape is built to last.

The PLENTY Vaporizer — Storz and Bickel’s newest release!

All New Plenty Vaporizer!

The All New Plenty comes complete with coiled whip, threaded chamber, temperature control dial, and thermal gauge.

The PLENTY vaporizer is the newest release from Storz & Bickel, originators of the Volcano Classic and Volcano Digit Vaporizers. The PLENTY shares the same durable build quality, user friendliness, and devotion to pure flavor as the highly revered Volcano line. However, there are major differences between the all-new Plenty Vaporizer and the Volcano Classic and/or Digit.

For one, the PLENTY is a lightweight device that the user holds in their hands as they vaporize. It has a unique double helix heat-exchanger that evenly and efficiently heats the filling chamber for maximum essential oil extraction. This brand new heat exchanger is one of a kind — there is nothing quite like it in the vaporizer market. Our experience is that the double helix heater keeps the temperature inside the unit more consistent. It also results in a more efficient use of power, which contributes to a much faster heat up time than the Volcano Vaporizer.

The S&B PLENTY also has the best whip vaporizer system I have ever seen. The whip is a stiff metal straw wrapped in a layer of thin metal coil. The design is intended to air-cool the vapor as it travels from the heating chamber to the user, and it works really well. Smaller hand-held vaporizers do not have the same cooling power, leading to unpleasant harshness. Compared with other whip vaporizers I’ve used The PLENTY has the most compact design and the coolest vapor.

This hand held vaporizer has an analog dial below the hand grip. This dial controls the amount of heat energy that is being transferred to the user, which is great for vaporizing delicate blends or cranking up the heat to activate more rugged ingredients. The twist-open, dual-screened filling chamber uses a design that is similar to the Easy Valve system used with Volcano Vaporizers. It screws shut tight with a quarter turn, and will never spill your blends just from being tipped on its side.

The Storz and Bickel Plenty also has an auto-shutoff feature that powers down the heater if it has been inactive for more than 20 minutes. It also has a retro-riffic temperature gauge that keeps the user updated on the temp inside the device. Once it reaches your temperature of choice, just sip on the switchable mouthpiece. Don’t get ahead of yourself! The vapors are sometimes so well cooled, it’s easy to over do it. Start with a few 5 second sips, and work your way up from there.

Thanks to the powerful heater, you don’t need to throw your back out trying to get vapor happening. The double helix heater keeps the internal temperature consistent as you draw air from the heating chamber, leading to a consistent and satisfying vapor with each sip. The PLENTY has durable construction that will make this a rugged and long lasting vaporizer. There are absolutely no glass parts to break, so you’ll never need to replace another piece of cracked or broken glass!

While I love the power and cooling ability of the PLENTY today, my lungs tell me the real attraction to this vaporizer is its long lasting durable build construction, that will keep me combustion free for many years to come!

The Plenty Vaporizer – The World’s Greatest New Vape

PLENTY of fun!


Introducing the PLENTY, the newest vaporization product from the originators of The Volcano Vaporizer, Storz & Bickel. Only a select few people have had the chance to see the PLENTY, much less try one out! So, here’s your chance at a first glance 

As you can tell by the name, The Plenty has a lot to offer.
  • It’s designed to fit perfectly in the users hand
  • It’s small and lightweight, perfect for taking around to see friends
  • Pure and Simple – Forget about balloons and valves
  • Air Cooled Whip coils for optimal user temperature
  • Plugs into 110v/220v outlet, forget about batteries and butane!
As expected from S&B vapes, the PLENTY packs durable build quality, serious heating power, and high-yield efficiency. Interestingly, there are some unexpected tweaks that Storz & Bickel have included in their new product, perhaps they are convinced of a better vaporization experience in the new vape.
Unlike the Volcano, the PLENTY does not fill a balloon. Instead, the double helix heat exchanger channels vapor to the user via an air-cooled metal coil. This coil has a removable mouthpiece and functions as the PLENTY’s whip, which attaches to a filling chamber reminiscent of the Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve’s design.
The filling chamber consists of threaded layers of screens that screw on and off as necessary, keeping the vaporization process simple and clean. For best results, follow these simple steps when using your PLENTY for the first time.
1. Set the temperature on a LOW setting to start, try around 350 F/ 177 C.
2. Grind Herbs until they are very fine, but don’t pulverize them into dust.
3. Fill the chamber 2/3 of the way to the top. Don’t overfill.
4. Engage the mouthpiece, and depress the activator button (orange) with your thumb.
5. Breathe deep and long. If it’s great, GREAT! If not, turn up the heat until you get there.

A new PLENTY’s Packaging Includes:

1x PLENTY Hot Air Generator

3x Normal Screens

1x Liquid Pad

1x Mouthpiece

1x Short Tube

1x Long Tube

1x Cleaning Brush

1x Grinder

1x Instruction Manual